El poti valladolid

The party poti

The party areas, the Mejillonera, a good night finished in the Erchus and the «cuerpoescombro» of the following day do not escape from this message that includes everything that characterizes the vallisoletano in a few sentences. The Celts, Delibes, Zorrilla, and the actresses Lola Herrera and Concha Velasco are the names of which the anonymous author is most proud. ‘El Tío Catarro’, ‘la Eli’, ‘Poti’ and the motorist of «ahí está la Puerta de Alcalá» are also remembered in this message.

Wherever we go in the city it takes us «10 minutes walking» and we never get hit by sports cars or ‘mancan’ the ‘beach boys’.  We like to party and for that we went to Campus, the Perindola, the Cuadro, San Miguel, Cantarranas, the ‘Portu’ or Paraíso… The girls when we go out to party in the bag we don’t carry some little handbags, we carry ‘Frenchies’. We boast of having a Cinema Week, the Celtas Cortos, Delibes, Jose Zorrilla, Lola Herrera or Concha Velasco among others.

We do not use mechanical pencils or portfolios, we use ‘pencils’ and ‘carpesan’. We don’t use buckets, dustpans or tea towels…we use ‘cauldrons’, ‘buckets’ and ‘rodeas’. We don’t wear aprons but ‘aprons’ and we hang our clothes with ‘whistles’ and not with clothespins. We buy ‘tanganillos’, ‘alubias verdes’, ‘barras de riche’ or ‘lechuguinos’ and at home we fight over the ‘cantero’. The things that get in our way are ‘looms’ and we don’t go to a store to change something, we ‘descambiamos’. We don’t go shopping at ‘Carrefour’, we go to ‘Continente’ and we go to watch pucela at ‘estadio de la pulmonia’.

Eskorbuto – soldiers

Don’t believe the mythical phrase that you will hear from the rest of envious Castilians: «Valladolid is ugly and boring». Go to the Plaza Mayor, walk around the Antigua and sit on the terrace of the Penicilino… you will see how wrong they are.

9.- If you ever come across someone who blurts out rude replies for no apparent reason, don’t think that they don’t like you. He is simply reminding you that the sympathy of a vallisoletano is not given as a gift, but you have to earn it every day.

11.- Before the festivities begin, memorize well the way from Moreras to your house. Once internalized, the chances of getting to bed safe and sound in spite of the drunkenness will increase.

14.- We are not posh, we simply have good taste in clothes. Regardless of the urban tribe to which you belong, try to match the shoes with the shirt and choose a pair of pants that does not clash with the outfit.

Legends of valladolid (valladolid merinos festival)

From left to right and from top to bottom: panoramic view of the city, the church of La Antigua, the University, the landscaped sign installed in the Campo Grande and the Cavalry Academy, the church of San Pablo, the walkway of the Science Museum, the National Sculpture Museum and the Town Hall in the Plaza Mayor.

In Valladolid, St. Ferdinand was proclaimed King of Castile and the Catholic Monarchs were married, Henry IV, Philip II, Philip IV and Anne of Austria (Queen of France) were born, Magellan signed the capitulations of the first circumnavigation of the world and Columbus died. Here Cervantes finished writing Don Quixote, Quevedo worked and the greatest image makers and goldsmiths of the Hispanic Renaissance established their workshops.

Its strategic position and communications through a wide network of highways, high speed (AVE), conventional railroads, airport, and its character as a logistic node in the European Atlantic Corridor, will continue to allow its specialization as an industrial center of Castilla y León.

Festivities ‘012, poti.

The Professional School of Dance of Castilla y Leon, in its 10th Anniversary opened its doors to show its interesting educational, social and cultural work to the Castilian and Leonese society through a series of events, meetings, exhibitions and shows of a high artistic and cultural level.

As a highlight of this Anniversary, each Venue held its Grand Gala which took place in two of the most important scenic spaces of our Community: The Auditorium of the Forum Evolución (Burgos) and the Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes (Valladolid).

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