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Downloading the photos -uploaded and tagged- can be considered as a mix between a marketing strategy and a gift for users, due to the fact that the social network Tuenti, from now on, will not have some of its functions, such as photo storage, because of the high cost of maintaining these albums; to which is added that users no longer share or use them.

Tuenti clarifies that all photos will continue to be available on the platform, being accessible to users from the app, but with this version they can also download their photos in a ZIP file, with the photos classified in folders.

The creators of the Tuenti social network remind us that both the photos and the information shared by users have always been their property. But now, in addition, they are returning this information and personal data to them through this new tool, to give them greater control over their digital life.

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The dates are approximate, the truth is that since mid-2019 a new feature included in Fotoback 360 manages to restore almost 100% of the image files of any social network, even having been completely deleted, as is the case of tuenti.

And to date, data recovery programs could not do anything, since it was not a memory error caused by a hard disk failure, nor by an incorrect reading, so there was absolutely nothing to do.Until mid-2019, when the network tracing function is incorporated in Fotoback 360, that new feature changes everything.

As we mentioned, these servers copy the images exactly, including all their metadata, so it is indeed possible to identify which ones belonged to the tuenti social network and which ones are linked to a given user account.

As mentioned, these servers copy the images exactly, including all their metadata, so it is possible to identify which ones belonged to the tuenti social network and which ones are linked to a given user account.for downloading only requires registration and the software is available for both iPhone & Android mobiles and Windows & Mac computers.

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Remember that information about the process of recovering your photos has always been available on our website and that during the summer of 2017 a notice was placed in your Account to inform you that the deadline was coming to an end.

Hi! I downloaded them during the deadline, I was looking at them through this app, I haven’t looked at it in a while and today I came in and…. Surprise! My photos are not there! Where have they gone? How can I get them back? I insist I downloaded them within the deadline, I have been seeing them for a long time in a folder that was created in the app, I want my photos, I do not want excuses of dates since I did it on time.

Hi guys, the photos are no longer available to retrieve unfortunately. Gema, if you could see them from the app at the time is because they were downloaded to a folder inside your smartphone, if you did not change or uninstall the app and deleted them they should still be in that folder.

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Now, it is no longer possible to share and interact with photos in the way it used to be done when it disappeared as a social network. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to download them to save them on their devices or upload them to other social networks. Thus, the company offers users: «As part of this renewal, with this new version of the app we allow our users to remember the old days by offering the possibility of generating a video with the most popular photos of their time on .Tuenti that they can share on social networks. In addition, we enabled the option to download all the photos in a ZIP file classified by folders, one of the most requested features.»

Don’t forget to recover your Tuenti photos easily by following the steps discussed above, as it would be a shame to be left without all those unforgettable memories with your friends and family. In addition, the fact that you can have the option to download photos that you have not uploaded yourself, is also interesting.

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