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reik – un amor de verdad (official video)

Yes, because women are educated to succeed in love, there are all those pejorative words like «solterona». Having a partner is a pretty vital mission for women, and we are continuously bombarded with songs and movies that reinforce that idea.

Yes, relationships that are not worth it, and with the obsession to keep that relationship at any price. Faced with an act of indifference, unlove or selfishness, instead of taking a step back, what we do is try harder.

It is the relationship with an affective parasite. Nietzsche spoke of him as that being who lives on love without giving love. It is someone who takes you away from you, in the sense that you don’t like the person you have become by his side. He brings out the worst in you. It’s like sailing on a boat where you’re always bailing water.

It’s a bumpy relationship, you never know what you can expect from the other; it’s unsatisfactory, and you hope they’ll do something to redeem it, but very hardly the person who got you there will get you out of the mess.

morat – a dónde vamos

Unrequited love produces a lot of suffering, simply because when a person falls in love, he or she wants to be truly reciprocated. However, the laws of the heart are unpredictable and many stories do not have that ideal ending in the mind of the person in love. Fortunately, you have an infinite capacity for resilience to overcome this pain because this discomfort is not eternal, but a period of your Psychology-Online we give you the keys to turn the page and we tell you how to forget an unrequited love, starting from the care of your own self-esteem as a potential element of well-being. Because to forget this lack of love, you must start by loving yourself unconditionally.

There are different types of love and self-esteem is your source of well-being in any circumstance. How to increase your self-esteem in this situation: with all these tips you will be able to forget an unrequited love and recover your self-esteem and confidence to recover from this complicated blow.

morat – love with ice

Okay, you have to get through that phase, but don’t get lost in it. Once the first days of self-pity are over, it’s time to pick yourself up, be strong and move on. With a little help from your friends and some motivational quotes, getting over a breakup will be almost a piece of cake. Read on and you’ll see for yourself:

We always seem to want what we can’t have and that any past time was better. You may have liked what you had but the present and the future may be even better. Besides, you’ll take something valuable away from all your experiences. Think about it.

You may not agree at all: being heartbroken is uncool and hurts a lot. But the truth is that it means that you have dared to live, that you have thrown yourself into the adventure of loving someone. Now you’re having a hard time but think of all the good times you’ve had and all the good times to come.

Starting over is never easy, but it is always VERY exciting. Surely your new beginning is disguised as a painful ending but you will find it much easier to get over a breakup if you think about the new chapter of your life that is opening up at your feet.

kany garcia – when love leaves (bundle version)

Love phrases become a way to personalize the celebration: from the wording for the invitations, the dedication that is sometimes engraved on the rings to the readings that will compose the ceremony, and even in your day to day life you can share short and cute love phrases. Get inspired with the following selection so you can tell your partner…. «The best moments are by your side».

Starting to plan the wedding, being aware of the details and everything involved in the planning can cause stress and even friction between you. For this reason, and to remind each other that the love you have for each other is above all, we propose these wedding phrases.

You can use them for the vows or the exchange of rings, if she wants to give a note written with love phrases for my boyfriend or simply as a dedication of cute phrases for my girlfriend at the end of the ceremony.

The toast also becomes the perfect moment to acknowledge the couple, mention what this new stage in your life means and, perhaps, conclude the speech with a short love message for my husband such as: «Everything is better by your side» or «I love every moment by your side».

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