Imagenes de soledad sin frases

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To end our series of categories, we present a variety of images of loneliness, we know how hard it is to be alone (a), therefore, we bring you these images that will undoubtedly identify you, do not hesitate and download them now.

We hope that each of the options that we present in the top of our categories can be very useful, do not stay without these images that will identify you and that will certainly express your emotions and feelings, download them for free, share them with the people you want.

images of loneliness and sadness

Does your pain speak? Do you really listen to it, or do you just overlap it right away? We are the society of the pharmacopoeia, and that indicates the opposite. An adverse reality seems crazy to us, but certain efforts should be made.

We do not mention here a wallowing in sadness, a feeling of happiness in pain, even if it seems contradictory. That can be very sick, but to listen to our sadness, the vibrations, the ups and downs, because that is part of humanity.

Not every day can be sunny. We see life stories, we fall in love with the reality of others, the roads they travel; but we ignore the battles they carry inside. It’s as simple as that: everyone has their grays.

We all get disappointed, so in this we can only be gregarious. This is the risk of acting, of acting in the world, where wills clash incessantly. It is a question of power, a political fabric and also an existential problem.

We leave you a huge amount of images to think, to reflect on sadness and disappointment. Something that happens to one and also to others. Yes, the empathy component must always be present. Because there are many people who need our help, and collaborating saves lives sometimes.

images of loneliness

We cannot always be happy, joyful, with expansive emotional states and so on, who said that we can be an impregnable fortress? do we not vary from time to time? does the alteration of the conjuncture never make a dent in us? Sometimes, without realizing it, we are more obstructed by unattainable models than by distressing realities. Strictly speaking, sad interiors can be expressed, they can be reflected upon, at least to give them an exposition and then, yes, to be able to overcome them. But they exist, they have a place, you have to listen to them and sometimes they even have their positive quota. We present you images of loneliness with locutions and thoughts.

imágenes tristes de la vida

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