Jose maria diaz maroto

taller autoedición con díaz maroto – comienzo 20 de abril

Díaz-Maroto se define como un fotógrafo identificado con el documentalismo cotidiano y una tendencia creativa hacia el «retrato de conjunto». Se centra en el paisaje, apoyándose en su calidad técnica y formación, fruto de numerosas actividades paralelas como miembro fundador del Colectivo 28 y del Festival Interfotos, comisario de la Colección Alcobendas y director artístico de la Escuela TAI. En 2008 recibió el Premio de Fotografía de la Universidad de Murcia y el Premio de Fotografía CCM.

josé maría díaz-maroto galguera

Next Tuesday, March 13, we will host at the Foundation the presentation of the book «50 photographs with history», a project of Signo editors in which José María Díaz-Maroto and Félix Fuentes have participated.

Conceived for photography lovers, both professionals and amateurs, it is a book that gives voice to the work of heterogeneous artists. It also analyzes those details that may go unnoticed by most people when they contemplate an image, no matter how well known it may be.

it may be. The photographer’s work routine, the situation and the reasons why he approached that lens and not another, the historical and social context in which he did it, as well as the relevance that those images have had in his career, are some of the questions that 50 photographs delve into.

exhibition sala kursala «pad of notes» by josé maría

Thirty-one black and white photographs from 1983 to 2004, a selection of the work of José Mª Díaz-Maroto that shows us the most representative of his production. A traveling photographer and documentarian of everyday life, he gives us glances, situations and landscapes that take us to common territories and touch our emotions. Díaz-Maroto is the sincere portraitist, the timeless landscape photographer, the one who looks at the face, the one who introduces himself without haste but without pause in the environments before shooting. Traveling photographer.

His images fulfill to (im)perfection the ancestral and unconscious quality of photography, leading us to contemplate not so much the place where things are happening but a reworking of the moment, present in our imagination and in our memories. Shared intimacy that comes to light. Photographer of life.

conference josé maría díaz maroto

The exhibition includes 31 black and white photographs taken by Maroto between 1983 and 2004. Traveling photographer and documentarian of everyday life, the artist gives us glances, situations and landscapes that take us to common territories and touch our emotions.

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