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What I try with this commentary is to make an approach to the family Selgas Albuerne, with data in good part unknown for the citizens. Possibly who more deepened on the matter was Mary Cruz Morales Saro in her magnificent book La Quinta. Let’s go with it.
We begin with the grandparents of the philanthropic brothers. The paternal grandparents, Juan Selgas and Francisca Campo, were from the parish of Santa María de Folgueras, in Salas, and the maternal grandparents, José Albuerne Menéndez and Ramona García Arango, were from the town of Cudillero.
All this acquired experience was the reason why, in addition to organizing the family, their travels and occupations, he was largely responsible for everything related to the remodeling project of the estate, the building of the palace, the acquisition of works of art and decoration.
As he left no descendants, the assets of the family were administered, as provided in his will, by the Selgas-Fagalde Foundation made up of fifteen people. Nine represent the family and the rest, i.e. six, represent the Church, the Government of the Principality and the University of Oviedo, in equal parts.

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The Selgas family was known in Cudillero for its philanthropic and enlightening character of the town. They created and donated to the town the Selgas Schools. And they gathered a great artistic collection in the architectural ensemble of the Quinta, which can be visited on very specific opening dates.
Among the works, in the Quinta de Selgas you can find paintings by Goya, El Greco, Mariano Salvador Maella or several Flemish paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries, among others. In addition to a collection of tapestries from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
The Palace imitates the style of the French mansions of the first neoclassicism both in the exterior and in the interior. The complex is completed with gardens of the three main styles: English, French and Italian. There is also an orangery.

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Externally, the house imitates the French mansions of the first Neoclassicism, according to the revivalism of past styles that was common in 19th century Europe. It is rectangular in plan and consists of a ground floor, two floors and an attic. The main facade is arranged vertically in three planes, of which the central one advances slightly towards a stone staircase that descends to the garden. Three doors open on each floor: those on the first floor are finished with semicircular arches and the upper linteled doors (with wrought iron balconies) are enhanced with curved pediments.
The interiors of the mansion have been compared to a museum for the quality and quantity of its artistic pieces, furniture and decorative objects. The living rooms and bedrooms recreate past styles, mostly French; from the most sober of the time of Louis XIII in the foyer, to the Louis XVI style in the Ballroom. Several ornaments were made to order and bear the initial S of the Selgas surname; this is the case of the stained glass window that presides over the main staircase, and the upholstery of the seats in the Ballroom. This is undoubtedly the most ostentatious space in the house; designed for large social gatherings, the door leaves are covered with large mirrors and the walls adopt architectural forms by means of boiseries painted in gold and light tones.


The plenary session of the Heritage Council agreed yesterday to initiate the proceedings for the declaration as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) to the «set of heritage assets and artistic collections promoted by the Selgas family in El Pitu, Cudillero». The plenary approved the initiation of the corresponding protection file and has given a deadline until the end of the year.
The Heritage Council also took other decisions yesterday afternoon. The plenary agreed to initiate the proceedings to declare the jet culture as BIC of immaterial character and to include in the Cultural Heritage Inventory the cetárea Sport of Luarca.

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