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Find on this page the free phone number of La Caixa and contact them to learn more about their social programs in education, culture, science and labor. Here you will also find different ways to contact the foundation such as its website, forms and social networks.

La Caixa’s customer service department will help you with any questions you may have about its educational programs, cultural initiatives, access to scholarships and employment opportunities. You can also contact the foundation to find out about upcoming calls for social initiative projects.

La Caixa Foundation has several social initiatives aimed at vulnerable populations. Some of them are its housing program, programs for the elderly, care for people with advanced diseases, centers for the exchange of ideas, among others.

In this section you will find the address of La Caixa. This is the location of its headquarters, so we recommend that you call first to confirm their hours of operation.

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Personal autonomy and attention to aging, disability and illness. Promoting the quality of life, independence and autonomy of people with disabilities and those who, due to aging or illness, suffer deterioration of their abilities and health.

Socio-labor insertion. Promotion of social and labor insertion for people with disabilities or in vulnerable situations, as well as the improvement of employability and job creation.

Interculturality and social action. Promotion of citizen coexistence of different cultures in common spaces to foster social participation, community strengthening, violence prevention and mediation.

Social action in rural areas. Promotion of projects in rural areas, adapted to their territorial characteristics and needs, to improve living conditions and generate opportunities for families, children and adolescents, women, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion.

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la Caixa» Welfare Projects presents the opening of the social calls to which non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations can apply this 2020.

Six social calls with different areas of action: promotion of personal autonomy and attention to aging, disability and disease; fight against child poverty and social exclusion; housing for social inclusion; social and labor insertion; interculturality and social action; and social action in rural areas.

The presentation was attended by the Councillor for Social Affairs of the City of Jaén, Ángeles Díaz; the commercial director of CaixaBank, Gerardo Cuartero; and the delegate of the «la Caixa» Foundation, Juan Carlos Barroso. The social entities have also come to know the details of the calls that allow to promote initiatives aimed especially at people who are in vulnerable situations and whose aim is to improve their quality of life and promote equal opportunities.

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The impact of these projects reached a total of 268,231 beneficiaries of the projects selected by «la Caixa» Welfare Projects through the Program of Grants for Social Initiatives Projects promoted annually by the entity and distributed in six social calls: Promotion of personal autonomy and attention to aging, disability and illness; Fight against child poverty and social exclusion; Housing for social inclusion; Social and labor insertion; Interculturality and social action, and Social action in rural areas.

Adolescent beneficiary and woman from the team of the Integración para la vida entity, one of the 660 social entities promoted by the Program of Grants for Social Initiatives Projects of «la Caixa «Opening of the 2020 calls for applications

The following grants will be announced in three periods: February 10 will be the deadline for applications for the Fight against child poverty and social exclusion, and Social action in rural areas; March 30, for Temporary housing for social inclusion, and Social and labor insertion, and May 11 will be the deadline for Interculturality and social action.

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