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Banco Sabadell’s new head office in Alicante since October 2017. The building was previously the headquarters of the now defunct Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM), acquired in 2011 by Banco Sabadell.
On December 31, 1881, a collective of 127 businessmen and traders from Sabadell (Barcelona) founded the bank, with the aim of financing local industry and providing it with raw materials (wool and coal) on more favorable terms.
This stage lasted until 1907, when Banco Sabadell decided to liquidate its non-banking business and focus on commercial banking. In 1953, in order to preserve the bank’s independence, the shareholders formed a share syndication agreement.
In January 2010, it announced that it would merge the three entities it had in the United States: Banco Sabadell Miami, TransAtlantic Bank and Mellon United National Bank, creating the brand Sabadell United Bank.[12]
On December 14, 2018, it announced that it had agreed to sell 80% of its real estate platform Solvia to the Swedish group Intrum for €240 million.[34] On April 24, 2019, the sale of 80% of Solvia to Intrum Holding Spain was completed for €241 million.[35] On April 24, 2019, the sale of 80% of Solvia to Intrum Holding Spain was completed for €241 million.[36] On April 24, 2019, the sale of 80% of Solvia to Intrum Holding Spain was completed for €241 million.

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When you cancel your bank account you will have to return or tear up the debit and credit card associated with it even if you have an account at the same bank. Also, before canceling a bank account you should take into account:
My wife has an account at Banco Sabadell that we no longer use, we have an account with card debt and account fees. I want to know if I can close it with the debts because they are charging maintenance fees.
Indeed, Sabadell has been charging maintenance fees for their accounts. However, to close your Sabadell account, you will have to pay off the card debt first, as the card is linked to the account and, with an outstanding debt, you cannot close the product.
Another option, although complicated, could be to apply for a credit card at your new bank and once it is approved (approximately one month between analysis and sending the card to your home address) you can make a transfer from the credit line to your old account to pay off the debt with your old credit card.

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The VIA-T is a device that is installed in a car, motorcycle or other vehicle and is linked to a credit card. This system means that a user equipped with this device can pay tolls in electronic toll lanes without having to stop.
When the vehicle equipped with the VIA-T device passes through a toll lane equipped with VIA-T, an antenna detects its passage and automatically charges the toll amount corresponding to the account or card that the user has associated to his device.
With your VIA-T you will have different types of discounts so that you can save on toll roads. For example, you can get up to a 50% discount on your journeys on AP-7, AP-2, C-32 and C-33, if you make 31 or more identical trips per month on a regular basis with VIA-T or a 30% discount on journeys from Molins de Rei to Martorell and a 15% discount on transit on the AP-6 freeway. For more discounts, you can consult them here.
The accessible credit limit is 300 euros, which means that you will be able to travel, and pay for your freeway journeys on credit the following month, the charge will be monthly for the total credit consumed.

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The Smart Account is two connected accounts: a current account for your day-to-day life and a term account for your savings. And it has everything you need, ATMs all over the world, an account(1) without commissions or requirements. And the issuance, maintenance and renewal of the Smart Card is FREE.
An ecosystem where you will find the latest technology, super-trendy experiences and a lot of discounts to show off around. And the best thing is that you can get them at a very EVO price! It will be hard for you to leave empty-handed.

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