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We can also talk at this point about the great significance of stores in shopping malls, it is true, both in a store in a shopping mall and in a shopping street you can achieve this goal, which would be to sell to the maximum. The main difference would be that shopping malls contribute to a protected environment, which can be very interesting on rainy days or hot/cold days outside, in which streets are affected in their commercial dynamics in a very negative way. Therefore, in areas with extreme climatology, shopping malls become a good shelter for shoppers.

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In addition, and continuing with the similarities with Amazon, La Casa del Libro offers the possibility of «Buy 1 step», which is terribly reminiscent of the «1 click shopping» of the giant created by Jeff Bezos. In any case, you can also pay for your orders in this online bookstore through PayPal, credit card, bank transfer or even cash on delivery.
Not everything was going to be praise for the quality of this eCommerce. Casa del Libro also has some weaknesses, such as the possibility of sharing the product sheets on social networks or a certain confusion in the shipping conditions between different sections of the site, such as this one and this one.
In this case, the demographic profile of the user follows a certain logic. It is concentrated where there are more people. That is why the main place of visits is the Northeast (Catalonia) and the second the South (Andalusia), followed by Madrid and Levante.
Finally, it is important to highlight the fact that there is no particular profile by income level. Although the middle class predominates, we also find buyers from other segments with high proportions.

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BadajozLibreria GuarenaPlaza de la Parada nº 17, 06470, [email protected] Libreria UniversitasAvda. Ramón y Cajal,11, 06001, BadajozTfno: 924245856 Fax: 924245856 Libreria Universitasavda. De Colon,9, 06005, BadajozTfno: 924225406 Fax: 924274656
GranadaLibrería BABEL (Gran Capitán)C/ Gran Capitán s/n, 18002, GranadaTfno: (+34) 958 294 [email protected]:// Librería BABEL (San Juan de Dios)San Juan de Dios, 20, 18001, GranadaTfno: (+34) 958 201 [email protected]:// LIBRERÍA RELIGIOSA PEINADOCalle Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 38, 18002, GranadaTfno: 958 26 51 [email protected]:// Paulinasc/ Cárcel Baja,14 (Esq. Calle Elvira), 18010, GranadaTfno: 958222303 Fax: [email protected]
JaénLibreria Don Libroc/ San Joaquín,1, 23006, JaenTfno: 95384517 Fax: 95384517 Libreria Entre Librosc/ Viriato,4, 23700, LinaresTfno: 953695353 Fax: 953600803 Libreria Maycac/ Caballero de Gracia,73, 23650, [email protected]

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They don’t know the books. Hello, I’m going to tell the intricacies of a book order. It turns out that on December 27, 2011 I ordered La Odissea because my son had an exam of this book at the end of January and wanted to take advantage of the Christmas vacations to read it.
Well, I decided to break the book and return it to them losing my money, but I didn’t do it because a book should never be broken, so I sent it to them brand new and with the photos of the page and the ISBN so they could compare. I also told them that I gave it all up for lost although if they wanted to return the money they already had my account number.
here we can find all the books that we are looking for and even those that we are not looking for because only enter you want to take all, all kinds of titles and writers, the best thing is that they also have in other languages, English, French, German, Italian, Flemish etc..
The books are distributed by sections, by subjects, genres,… here it is very unlikely that you will not find the book you are looking for. The whole building is full of books and books, from bestsellers to the unimaginable. Right on Gran Via is doing the competition to Fnac.

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