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The Socialist Group in the Parliament has denounced that the deregulation of the renewable energy sector could lead to the ruin of the heritage and nature of Castilla y León, leaving the installation of wind and photovoltaic plants to the whim of private management and without giving participation to the inhabitants of rural areas when it comes to setting location criteria.
Grupo Recoletas Red Hospitalaria will renew its sponsorship of the 66th edition of the Valladolid International Film Week by means of a collaboration agreement signed this Tuesday by the Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Ana Redondo, and the president of Recoletas Red Hospitalaria, Amando Rodríguez.
The Councilor for Mobility and Urban Space of the City Council of Valladolid, Luis Vélez, has ruled out this Tuesday, in the municipal plenary, the return of cash collection on Auvasa buses and announced that «in the coming days» will be announced some new services such as the possibility of recharging bonobuses and bonds through the website.

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These days there is a lot of talk about the spending ceiling imposed on the administrations, something that has the city councils upside down.  The first reason for having so many opposing voices is that the local councils are subject to a much stricter control than any other administration, despite being by far the least indebted. The second reason is…
Published in El Día de Valladolid on Sunday, November 15, 2015 When men of affluent life copied Parliaments and City Councils, some liberal theorists of the time argued that this economic independence allowed them to better discern the general interest than the popular classes, who would be moved by purely selfish interest. History has…
On this March 8 we have come across some words of Javier León de la Riva in the local press. A sad tribute to Women’s Day for what he says and by whom he says it. In a city with so many outstanding women in the most diverse fields, with a Chair of Women’s…

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Valladolid will host an exhibition of means, a police exhibition and a night police race, in addition to a series of conferences that will analyze the history of the Police and the gala of «National Police Awards», within the events planned in celebration of Police Day, which is celebrated in the city on the 24th and whose program of activities starts this Friday.
Citizens will know the different historical and current police vehicles. The exhibition will be completed with several posts of the units of Air Resources (Helicopters), Special Operations Group (GEO), Police Intervention Units (UIP), Bomb Disposal and Nuclear Radioactive Biological and Chemical Group (TEDAX-NRBQ), Scientific Police, Weapons, National Police School, Underground, Canine Guides, Cavalry, Documentation, National Mint and Stamp, Mobile Brigade, Citizen Participation and Private Security. Agents from these units will explain and show how their daily work is and what means and equipment they have.

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A dialogue that has also offered to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, to whom he has asked for collaboration to «achieve the highest levels of welfare for our rural world. And we are going to do this without ever losing sight of our traditional resources, agriculture and livestock, and respect for the environment, thus making sustainable development possible. Collaborating in these aspects with your Ministry is not only necessary, but also opportune, because I know that we will always have you by our side».
For all this «we need a model of local funding for municipalities and provincial councils, which we continue to demand», as well as «improve the visibility of the councils to citizens through the direct election of deputies.

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