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This store has the best brands, among which we can mention: Fossil Natura, Geberith, Roca, Gala and many others. In the same way, you can take advantage of a variety of offers or buy many of the furniture through packs, so that the costs will be much more affordable.

If you require the installation and repair of blinds Barcelona, now you can choose the best service in specialized portals. The professionals in blinds repair in Barcelona provide the best service to solve different problems at any time it is necessary.

There are several complications that can occur with the blinds, such as with the tapes, which can prevent you from being able to raise or lower the blind completely; a jam due to the breakage of one of the slats; or among many others, a failure with the motor if it is motorized.

Therefore, to solve any problem or install everything related to blinds, you can now count on trained professionals at any time, always providing the best personalized attention. In addition, you will have the assurance that they will use quality materials and will adapt to your needs with interesting low prices.

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Renew your bedroom and leave the past behind, you can easily do it with things you have at home, without spending a penny. A few days ago I was talking to a friend and I told her why don’t you go ahead and renovate your …

This month’s # Let’smeetup has been long awaited by all of us, probably because compiling in images what could be our dream house is not an easy task. Many times I have imagined it, and although we are very comfortable in our little apartment, it is true that the meters are somewhat scarce. Our soada house should have a studio-workshop in which we can give free rein to our creativity and creativity, and we …


«When I started, there were blogs and bloggers with a lot of influence, but not so many -however- in the decoration and interior design sector. The most prominent in the world of lifestyle and styling in general were those of fashion, gastronomy or travel. And the most powerful ones were always associated with magazines or publications with a lot of national and international appeal,» explains Beatriz.

«In fact, we are seeing more and more blogs that combine the two themes, combining interior design and fashion entries. And not only those associated with large publications, but also those of individuals, lovers of the sector who end up becoming influential references and opinion leaders. Brands and companies, of course, are increasingly taking them into account,» says Beatriz Atienza.

Becoming a blogger seems simple, in theory, you just need an online platform where you can write whatever you want, showing your style and personality. The hard part is standing out from the crowd and getting read.

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Perhaps for this reason, she is very critical of the prefabricated images spread by fashion magazines, for showing, she says, «unreal homes». Ramstedt calls it visualism. «We buy things with our eyes because we care more about how they look than how they work,» she explains. In other words, we think more about how we want a house to look than about how we want it to function on a day-to-day basis, about strutting in front of others in order to project a certain image (as also happens with clothes) than about generating comfort and well-being.

One of the subliminal messages of the book is that we should not so much aspire to enjoy quality of life (a concept associated with the enjoyment of labor-saving household appliances), but rather warmth of life.

Likewise, sustainability should not be overlooked. «We worry about plastic bags, but how much plastic is in the upholstery of a sofa?» asks Ramstedt. His advice is to read the list of ingredients on each piece of furniture carefully, as if it were a food item, and to choose sustainable materials, such as environmentally certified wood (5) or wood from recycling. The most common content of sofa cushions, for example, is cold foam, a component made from polyurethane, whose origin is petroleum. It is a flammable plastic, so flame retardants are usually added to it, the main components of which, the Swedish interior designer reveals, are polyols and isocyanates.

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