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Lucas stopped by the store, do you want to listen to him? Do not miss the magazine13 March 2013Lucas Nogueira stopped by the official store of Asefa Estudiantes and in addition to attending to the fans who came to meet him, he attended the EstuRadio microphones, and was interviewed by the team Alevín Fernández. That and much more (current events, «Donde andará» with mythical pivots, the Gigantes awards, the glimpse of Uxue Bilbao, the LF2 accounts…) in this Thursday’s magazine.    >>LISTEN >>AND THIS WEEKEND, TRIPLET

LIGA ENDESA, third consecutive loss in Valencia, we analyze it with Tariq Kirksay and Josh Fisher. Even so, we are still in the playoffs and we have to settle down, great game this Sunday 12:40 against Uxue Bilbao Basket, how are the Biscayans?

THE CHALLENGE OF «GIJOE LA VENGANZA», challenge the players, record a spot and play at the Palacio is in your hands.  Until Friday on social networks, a contest with three very simple questions… we give some clues to the listeners who are more lost.

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Innovation and fashion are concepts that go hand in hand. The pandemic has forced companies to think about a future beyond traditional stores. The future of retail is to offer much more than just garments; the experience and service will be the ones that set the value of the brand.

On the other hand, the famous American jeweler, Tiffany & Co. surprised all its lovers this past November, turning the center of London into a real fairy tale, decorated with Christmas trees, large gift boxes, a free ice rink and a snow globe. Perfume bottles could be personalized with laser engraving to become the perfect gift for loved ones.

This is the case for H&M, which in 2019 opened in Berlin’s Mitte Garten district.    The 300-square-meter store had merchandising designed for local customers, with little clothing, many lifestyle items, a space for juices, coffee and a garden where yoga classes are offered.

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Moreau Paris, a former manufacturer of luxury leather goods and travel luggage that began in the early 19th century, chose San Francisco, California to make its debut in the United States. The European charm of the city located on the west coast, recognized by the Golden Gate Bridge and the streetcars running along its steep streets, attracted the French group to make the decision to open a store, mainly because of the charm of its bay.

The history of Moreau Paris began by following in the footsteps of Martin-Guillaume Biennais, Napoleon I’s master cabinetmaker. Maison Moreau moved to the prestigious address of 283, rue Saint-Honoré in 1882 in Paris, where it remained until the beginning of the 20th century, when it ceased trading. In 2011, Maison ROVNOFF, created by Veronika Rovnoff, recovered the Moreau brand, opening in 202 the boutique «Moreau-Paris» at 4, rue de Miromesnil in Paris launching a new collection composed of sophisticated luggage and luxury handbags under the Moreau-Paris brand.


Epigmenio was a man of the old days, capable of making everything. At home he would surprise them with carved wooden nutcrackers made by him. Side tables that he made as if it were nothing. Lamps with cartwheels. Kitchen utensils and even entire cutlery sets that he is lucky enough to keep. A thousand objects that he made in a natural way and that made him, without him knowing it, a precursor of what we now call responsible consumption or recycling.

Epigmenio learned as a young man to work wood and metal with his grandfather, a local blacksmith. In the family home there was a forge where they made marvelous carts completely decorated and painted by hand.

Thus, in this casual way, Hijo de Epigmenio was formed. Without realizing it, he had almost all the elements in front of him and he only had to put them in order to start up the store where, amidst the pottery and pieces inherited from the best artisan family tradition, we chatted with Juan Manuel Gil.

I am simply guided by my personal taste and intuition. What I fall in love with goes straight to the store. The truth is that I don’t think about it too much. It makes me very happy when I put them in the store to see how well they go together.

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